La Crosse WS-2355 Weather Station
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La Crosse WS-2355 Weather Station
I have been using the La Crosse WS-2355 Weather Station for a couple of years now, first in Sweden and now in Japan.

The first location, everything on the balcony
In the beginning of May 2018 I installed the weather station with its rain- and wind measuring equipment at my new house in Japan. The first six months there were problems with the temperatures, especially the maximum temperature. There is a paved road along the south side of the house. The house stands a meter or two away from the road and the heat rises up the outer wall and hits the thermometer which was placed under the eve of the roof. Even if there is no direct sunshine on the thermometer unit, it heats up quite a lot and showed 3-6 degrees C too much during sunny days. On the same mast I had placed the anemometer and the rain meter. There were problems to find a suitable location without sunshine.

The present location of the base unit
The north side of the house

Six months later in November 2018 I moved the thermometer unit to the north side of the house. During the summer there is just a short time from 4 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon when the sun shines between the house behind me and my house. The thermometer sits in the shadow under the blind in front of the bathroom window.

The cables from the balcony and the carport run in a PVC pipe laid on the ground alonge the house wall. There is a flexible PVC tube under the concrete from the house up to the support leg of the carport. From the outer house wall up to the hobby room there is a pipe inside the wall which was planned at the time the house was built. The cable from the wind meter unit runs in this pipe.

The PVC pipe for the wires from the rain- and the wind meter units
The present Wind Unit location
The wind unit sits on a 3.5 meter long pole on the 2nd floor balcony. It is the only part of the weather station left on the balcony. The mast allows the anemometer to get the wind fairly without obstruction from the roof, except from the north, but the hills behind the house are much higher, so wind from the north is rather seldom here anyway.

The wire from the wind meter unit is fed through a duct in the wall from the balcony to the hobby room and down to the north outside wall in a PVC tube in the wall.

The west side of the house
The wind measuring part in its new location
The wind meter on its mast

The Rain Meter Gauge location
The Rain Meter Gauge sits on the roof of the carport. This location was chosen because it is easy to inspect it and remove leaves, cobwebs and insects inside the enclosure.

The rain meter unit in its new location
The rain meter unit mounted on the carport

The cables were too short
When the three units were placed in different places, the cables were not long enough. The wind unit sits on a 3.5 meter long pole on the 2nd floor balcony, the rain meter is mounted on the roof of the carport in the west and the thermometer unit sits on the north side wall about 150 cm above the ground. These three units were wired by flat (telephone) cables to the thermometer unit. The rain unit got a five meter cable extension. The 10 m long cable from the wind meter unit needed another 20 m to be connected to the temperature unit. The extension cable is a twisted pair LAN cable which helps to prevent interference from external electric noise. Additionally, a clamp ferrite was placed over the wind meter cables near the base unit to further prevent from interference.

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Weather Station Data
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